If you live in London, practicing Crossfit will not be a problem: choose one of the Crossfit courses that we offer and get started or you can even try some Government Fitness

Today crossfit training is truly accessible to everyone: thanks to the beginners classes to start understanding how Crossfit works, to one-to-one workouts, to personal coaching and to the gyms that are widespread in major cities, it is not difficult to approach this sport. . London is no exception, indeed: in every area of ​​the city there is at least one Crossfit box!

Let’s see together 5 boxes that offer Crossfit courses in London!
A. Crossfit East London

In Shoreditch, in the city center, CrossfitShoreditch counts on a team of certified trainers who offer daily courses both early in the morning (from 7.30), and during lunch breaks and then until late in the evening (09.15 – 10.15pm the last lesson). Subscriptions can be modulated according to the type of frequency: if you want an open, which allows you to train every day, you will spend 110 euros per month. If you want to train twice a week, you will spend 90 per month. Open booklets and personal lessons are also available by appointment. In this Crossfit box in London you can train outdoors and indoors.

B. Crossfit North London

Crossfit London was born in the London district, which with a single registration also allows you to train in Crossfit Chelsea and Kensington and in Pimlico. Classes last an average of 60 minutes, but there are also class-weekends and those of 30 or 45 minutes, for those who have little time but still want to train effectively, without a barbell. It starts at 7 am and ends with the lesson from 9 pm to 10 pm. For those who start, there is a course specially designed to create awareness and gradually learn the principles of Crossfit.

C. Crossfit South London

By Tower Bridge in London (Algate – Whitechapel area), the Crossfit Avant-garde offers initiation programs to Crossfit (on Ramp), after which you can access the 60-minute classes. Avant-garde provides expert staff, one-to-one personalized training and in small groups to achieve your goals and acquire the best movements of Crossfit. The Crossfit KIDS program is also available.

  1. Crossfit Bethnal Green

On the Bethnal Green there is Crossfit Bethnal Green, created by Karen Miles, former professional tennis player and today Crossfit trainer of level 1 and 2. Karen is also an athletic trainer and offers advice on nutrition for Crossfit, personalized training, functional training, woman conditioning and customized programs for the military, tennis players, endurance sports professionals, but also postural rehabilitation, stretching and rehabilitation programs.
D. Try booking CrossFit London, RedSunCrossFit.com

In the Tower Hamlets district of London, RedSun Crossfit offers morning Crossfit courses from 7, bodybuilding, mobility, Muay Thai and MMA. Certified coaches, very large environments and varied and stimulating workouts are the features that distinguish this Londonese box.

Opening photo: Crossfit Shoreditch

Crossfit London

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